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Hacienda del Cristero review

Posted by Barmageddon on January 26, 2011 at 7:43 PM

Hacienda Del Cristero




Times are very busy here at the Barmageddon Bunker at the mo, so it's only now we are getting round to getting our reviews written for all the bottles we have stocking our shelves. This particular bottle has been waiting patiently since Christmas, and with our resident Mackem mixologist Kyle recently bagging a trip to Mexico courtesy of his World Class win, it seemed the perfect thing to toast his success, and as a good excuse for a couple of cheeky drinks.

In a Nutshell

This premium blanco ('pure blanco') tequila is a bottling released in 2000 from the good folks at Herradura to honour hacienda owner Aurelio López Rosales for his bravery during Mexico’s Cristero Rebellion. It is made from 100% estate grown Tequilana Weber blue agave, and is distilled a lot slower than other Herradura tequilas to give what the company claims is one of the smoothest tequilas in the world. The spirit also has no barrel contact while it is rested, resulting in a crystal clear spirit, aimed at sipping neat or for premium cocktails.



The thing that hits you straight away is citrus. It's so fresh and smells almost as if it has a lemon peel in it. There is also a hint of spiciness, a bit like black pepper and a really nice vegetal agave undertone. It's a really good smelling blanco, with none of the oakiness present in aged tequilas. 2.2


Very smooth, almost no burn, and a surprisingly 'thick' spirit, with a really good mouth feel. Once again, fresh lemon peel hits you straight away, but paired with a creamy white chocolate texture and that brilliant agave hum - hints of something not unlike cut grass. Vanilla, pepper and you guessed it; more citrus are all present and correct in the pleasingly long finish. A touch of water brings out the tequila's lovely sweetness – this would work well as a sipping tequila but could definitely stand for a Barmageddon mixology makeover. A great little blanco. Muy bueno. 4.5


A really nice tequila, showing yet again that Herradura have unbelievable tequila tekkers. Bear in mind though that whilst this would make a good sip, it is on the light side, so isn't going to make much impact as a nightcap if you have had a night on the steak and red wine. This goes for cocktails as well, Hacienda del Cristero is not going to be a great match for anything too mental, but a dash here and a twist there and you will bring out the best in this bad boy. 2.0


The Brief


This tequila demands few ingredients, light flavours, and most definitely to be the star of the show. I have tried not to mess with it too much – drop us a line and let us know what you think, or if you have any better ideas!






Our man Kyle does love an old school classic – the more vermouth and bitters involved the happier he seems to get. So this one's for him to enjoy whilst lounging on the beach in Mexico.


60ml Hacienda del Cristero

20ml Noilly Prat

3 dashes Bitter Truth lemon bitters

15ml Grand Marnier


Stir all ingredients down with a lemon and an orange zest for 20 seconds. Serve straight up with a lemon twist.



Hacienda Diablo

This might sound like a ballache to make, but sue me, I just bought a centrifugal juicer and the novelty hasn't quite worn off yet.

 40ml Hacienda del Cristero

20ml Merlet cassis

20ml lemon

60ml Barmageddon Mix #1 – 50% apple,40% cherry, 10% root ginger; all juiced fresh


Shake and strain into a lowball over ice. Garnish with apple, lemon and ginger slices.







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