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"Drink or Die" said the pirate to the gentleman

About us & What we do

Barmageddon is a group set up locally in Nottingham to bring fellow drinks enthusiasts and bar tenders together, and provide information about competitions to all. Our aim is to bring larger competitions and events right here, right now and put Nottingham and the Midlands definitively on the cocktail map. We would like all that are interested in the drinks industry to give input and help out getting the message across.


This is a group set up by bar tenders, but its not exclusively for bar tenders. This is set up for anybody who has an interest in the drinks industry and the products it offers. So given that we will review products we get our hands on from past and present with honest opinions as we have no affiliations to sponsors or brands, or any other kind of pimps. It will be done on our opinion but are welcome to anybody else's views.  


We also offer a cocktail consultation service drawing from nearly 20 years of bar tending knowledge - specifically aimed at competitions but for any area in bar tending in general. Dont be shy, Barmageddon is nigh.  


Please see Cocktail Q & A if you wish to contact us directly regarding any questions or directly at 


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