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Mozart Dry Review

Posted by Barmageddon on January 7, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Mozart Dry


In A Nutshell

Dry chocolate spirit with vanilla notes, best used as a straight up cocktail ingredient, more so as a flavour enhancer over as a base spirit. Can be used as a "misting" ingredient for giving any drink a great aroma and not leaving a sticky trace. At 40%, it's not playing games either. This is a great product, the new St.Germaine. BUY THIS PRODUCT!


The Scorecard


Nose - A strong fresh bitter chocolate smell, the same freshness as you would expect from mint. Truly unique. Vanilla comes through at the tail end but obviously over-ridden by the chocolate. Imagine walking through the doors of Willy Wonkas alcoholic cousins booze soaked chocolate factory. 2.3


Taste -  The initial taste is unsurpassed obviously the chocolate notes are heavy initially with a silky mouth-feel, however unlike anything before it opens up the palate perfectly for the vanilla to creep through and right before the expectation of the sickly sweetness a wave of dry freshness takes over the mouth and sets it up for an epic finish which somehow changes the entire flavour profile creating a supreme freshness over the palate releasing an almost Cardomom flavour. 4.5



Balance - The dryness of the spirit is a little over whelming, however the levels at which the flavours dance over the palate is amazing, albeit chocolate and vanilla as to be expected are dominant but at no point overwhelming. The flavours are released in complex levels in fruition with the dryness, by no means technically "balanced" but it does the job! 2.0

The Brief

Quite simply a breakthrough spirit, surprising its taken this long. One of the best cocktail ingredients on the shelves to date! There are 2 major revelations with Mozart Dry the first being is that being a chocolate spirit, "it's got to be sweet, duh, it's chocolate!", however with the clue being in the title it is about as dry as John Major! The second is it packs a punch of 40%, so you are dealing with a heavy duty spirit now, no 17% chocolate milk, like its fellow siblings. They have done this by simply releasing their chocolate macerate (with their unique and highly bespoke machinery), that is hidden in all of their liqueurs, which is what they should have done along time ago, obviously the Aztecs got there first. However good things come to....etc, this is basically a "straight up cocktail stir-tenders" dream, for once a chocolate flavouring, doesn't give you a sugar rush and off set the balance of any mix it looks at.

HOWEVER, I heard a truly scary sub-plot lurking behind this little treasure that almost tarnished it for me, for its sheer "ponce-icity" by going through a process called "sound-milling" where (in a nutshell) the spirit sits in a room for 24 hours listening to....that's right, fucking Mozart! Jesus wept! This was only what I had heard so felt it appropriate to look into it further before resentfully using it in...everything, and low and behold, the Mozart Liqueurs do, Mozart Dry does not! The actual reason behind sound-milling albeit "a bit much" is pretty interesting 

it is a process that can be described best by comparing it to the process of destroying kidney-stones with ultra-sound. Chocolate is mechanically milled or ‘conched’ to create very fine particles. This process creates the fine ‘melting’ on the toungue in your mouth. This is simply impossible when using liquid to use mechanical cylinder rolls, thus it is done with ultra-sound. Any music can be used as long as the recording contains ultra-sound. Thus special speakers are attached to the steel tanks to create very small and fine sugar crystals and cocoa particles. Awesome, unbelievable, incredible so much care and attention gone into go put it on your ice cream!? Check it out! > javascript:mox();

Cocktails and Recomended Serve

Possible to replace:

London Dry Gin - Negroni., Gin Smash, Vesper, White Lady, Clover Club, 7th Heaven

Campari - Negroni, Americano, 

Dry Vermouth - Manhattan, Between The Sheets.

Bitters (Slightly increased quantity) - Old Fashioned!!!


50ml Makers Mark

15ml Mozart Dry

15ml Martini Bianco

2 Regans Old No.6 Bitters

Stirred and served straight up with an orange twist

Review by Big Mac

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